3-d tensor gather with 2-d indices

I have a tensor y which has the size 1024 x 10 x 10, basically I have 1024 matrices of 10x10
I also have 2 indices tensors a and b size 1024 x 15 and 1024 x 15, to access elements of each 1024 10x10 matrices, I guess this is some form a gather function
Thus, my final output z should be 1024 x 15
Currently I do this with loop enumerations of the first index .
Could you suggest me a more vectorized version or is there a better way? Thank you.
Here is the snippet:

z =  [y[i][a[i],b[i]].sum() for i,_ in enumerate(y)]
z = torch.tensor(z, dtype=torch.float).to(y.device)

The creation of z is not working using the provided shapes and you should probably use torch.stack instead.

Anyway, this code should yield the same result:

N = 100
y = torch.randn(N, 10, 10)
a = torch.randint(0, 10, (N, 15))
b = torch.randint(0, 10, (N, 15))

z = y[torch.arange(N).unsqueeze(1), a, b]

You are right, I forgot that there was a summation as well, edited it. Will try that thank you.