About using Libtorch directly, compile and build

Hello everyone, I have some problems in the process of using Libtorch, I hope to get the help of the masters
IDE:VS2017 Pro (v15.9.18 toolset 14.16.27023)
PS:With the help of Github, I changed the toolset to 14.11.25503 in a special way.
I created a new project with VS2017 using normal operations. The additional include directories and library directories have been configured. However, this operation does not seem to compile properly, and many errors have occurred, most of which are syntax errors. As a result, I cannot use it normally. It seems that only cmake can be used to build the project (I tried this method, and it does work)
Is it only possible to build projects with cmake from the command line? Has anyone encountered this situation? Hope that can help me solve this problem