Adding row,column numbers to make_grid of tensorboard

I’m using tensorboard’s


functionality to make grid of bunch of images, and then display them as seen in the image.


I’d like to ask if it’s possible to add row and column numbers to a grid so I can refer individual images easily when discussing with others.

Are you sure tensorboard has a make_grid method and you are not using the one from torchvision.utils.make_grid?
In the latter case, you can specify the number of rows via nrow.

yes, you’re right. I mean torcvision’s make grid.

I know I can specify the number of rows like that but i’d rather want to add indexes by the sides of grid to
to highlight a particular image in the grid.

Like I’d like to see 1 2 … nrows at the top of the grid, and 1 2 … ncol at the left side of the grid for example.