Anomoly loss function

Hey, I am working on a loss function that detects anomaly of a model with another model.
Consider any model and loss function as this:

def loss_anom(global_model, worker_model):
    global_model_copy = global_model.copy()
    loss_ = 0.0
    for p,q in zip(global_model_copy.parameters(), worker_model.parameters()):
        loss_ += torch.sum((p-q)**2)

    return loss_**0.5

My optimizer works on worker_model parameters.
Now problem, I am facing is that when I do loss.backward(), its setting the grads of parameters as NaN.
Is there any workaround this? I am making any mistake here?

Hi Sukhad!

What is .copy()? Is that a method you implemented yourself?

Could you post a complete, runnable mini-script that illustrates
your loss_anom definition, your call to loss_anom() and your
call to loss.backward()? (Create some dummy data for your
models, as appropriate, to keep your example script self-contained.)

Please also post the output of your mini-script, together with your
expectations for what it should have produced.


K. Frank

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