Applying quantization for StreamingASR code in pytorch mobile

Does anyone ever try to apply quantization for StreamingASR in android demo before?
Could someone provide a guidance on what to do?
I am not sure why this error occured, is the model just not supported yet?

I am trying to apply dynamic quantization for Emformer-RNNT-based Model

this is the quantization code that I use

model_pquant = torch.quantization.quantize_dynamic(
    wrapper,  # the original model
    {torch.nn.LSTM, torch.nn.Linear},  # a set of layers to dynamically quantize
    dtype=torch.qint8)  # the target dtype for quantized weights,'quant_dynamic_Emformer-RNNT_pure')

during inference, it produce this error

RuntimeError: In ChooseQuantizationParams, min should be less than or equal to max

after further analyzing, the error is caused because the input tensor is wrong. Since I was trying to replace pyaudio.PyAudio() streaming with audio file.

So my error is because the input.

I unable to replace streaming with audio file