Are image tensors automatically computed in cuda?

As far as I understand, PyTorch is pretty conservative in terms of what goes executed on the GPU: you need to explicitly call cuda(), otherwise they will be executed on the CPU.

Is this true from the images loaded and transformed by the torchvision.datasets ? Let’s say that after having transformed the PIL image to tensor, I want to apply several transformation. Are these going to be executed automatically in cuda if available, or should we manually run a cuda() command in the dataset? Would this work nicely with the dataloader?

Thanks for the clarification.


They will run on the CPU, unless you send them on the GPU explicitly yes.

Note that in this case, you most likely don’t want to do that. Indeed the main purpose of the dataloader (with multiple workers) is to use many cpu cores to load and pre-process data on the CPU so that the GPU can be fully used to perform the forward/backward which is the non-parallelizeable part.

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