Are older pre-compiled wheels available? Where do older torch_nightly.html whl files go?

I am aware that some newer dev python wheels are available here:

However I need a dev version that is more than 2-3 months old (for example: torch==2.0.0.dev20221231, torchvision==0.15.0.dev20221231). Do these older nightly wheels get moved to another server? Are they still publicly available?

These wheels are still available and you can download them by explicitly specifying the URL. The index is just cleared and keeps a few months of wheels. However, wheels are not deleted themselves, just from the index.

Thank you for the reply! It solved my issue.

For future reference, I was able to download the whl files with:

# Download

or directly install with:

# Download and install
pip install

Do you know if it is possible to omit the final part %2Bcpu-cp38-cp38-linux_x86_64.whl?
Similar to how it is done when the whl files are in a visible index?

# Example that currently does not work 
# as the .html file does not contain these version anymore:
python3 -m pip --no-cache-dir install \
    -f \
    --pre \
    torch==2.0.0.dev20221231 \

Thanks again!