Assertion error; Pysyft + Pytorch

Hello everyone,
I am stuck here in a strange problem.
So, I trained my model normally but when I try to test it out using using pysyft, I am facing a problem that does not let the testing even start.
When I tried debugging, I got that this is the main error causing this
RuntimeError: Expected 4-dimensional input for 4-dimensional weight 64 3 3 3, but got 1-dimensional input of size [0] instead
I need some help ASAP and thank you all

Based on the error message it seems you are trying to pass a scalar input to the model, while a 4-dimensional input is needed.
Without more information I would recommend to check the input shape and try to debug, why it’s a scalar value during the test.

Thx, actually the problem was with the shares generation thing :smiley:
thanx for the reply