AttributeError: module 'syft' has no attribute 'FederatedDataLoader'


I am trying to use syft for federated learning.
I used below commands to import syft and define the virtual machines.

import syft as sy

alice = sy.VirtualMachine(name="alice")
bob = sy.VirtualMachine(name= "bob")
ken= sy.VirtualMachine(name="ken")
ryu = sy.VirtualMachine(name= "ryu")
tim= sy.VirtualMachine(name="tim")

I have a dateset named “train”.

When I try to define my trainloader, I got an error as below:

train_loader_1 = sy.FederatedDataLoader(train.federate((bob, alice, ken, ryu , tim)),  batch_size=120, shuffle=False)

AttributeError: module 'syft' has no attribute 'FederatedDataLoader

Would you please help me on how to define my federateddataloader?

torch version: 1.10.0+cpu
syft version 0.6.0

Best wishes,

The question is still open.

I would appreciate if anyone can comment on this.

Based on this comment I guess this class is deprecated and removed.
Also, tracked here.