"AttributeError: 'ReLU' object has no attribute 'threshold' "

Hi, All.

I have met this error when run pytorch inference in Jetson nano.

"AttributeError: ‘ReLU’ object has no attribute ‘threshold’ ".

What wrong to me?

Jetson nano, Ubuntu 18.04LTS aarch64, Pytorch 1.1.0, Torchvision 0.3.0


Could you post the code snippet which raises this error?

Have you solved it?I also ran into it when I called the model

I ran into the issue when I am running the following code using the export.pkl model I had saved in my directory:

import fastai
from fastai.vision import *

def main():

    classes = ['Potato___Late_blight',

    #load predictor
    predictor = load_learner('.')
    img = open_image('apple_black_rot1.jpg')
    pred,pred_idx,probs = predictor.predict(img)


if __name__=="__main__":

The same error pops up along with various warnings. Is there any fix to this yet?