Augmenting (only Trainset, not Testset) Before Training: RuntimeError: inconsistent tensor sizes

ERROR PyTorch 0.1.11

it is likely because the images in your train_dataset are of different sizes, and loader is trying to concatenate them before returning them to you (by default that’s what loader will do).

You can do two things:

  1. add a transform to dataset that crops the outputs to a fixed value
  2. give your own collate_fn function to loader that concatenates the dataset outputs of a mini-batch in a different way than the default one

Hmm so by different sizes, you mean file size, not image resolution, right?
Because all of the images in the folder it is drawing from before augmenting are 256x256.

i mean image resolution.

You can check what is the incorrect size by printing the sizes of tensors in a custom collate_fn that you supply.


Ah, I understand now, you’re right, the particular augmentation I am doing is scaling the images such that they are no longer 256x256.


It is great that you have included this flexibility in the library.