Backend gloo started a random port number for distributed communication

hi,i got a problem here
when i use pytorch to start a distributed job
i use parameters below for init_process_group method

os.environ[‘WORLD_SIZE’] = “2”

os.environ[‘RENDEZVOUS’] = “tcp://192.168.118.***:2346”

os.environ[‘RANK’] = “1”

os.environ[‘DISTRIBUTED_BACKEND’] = “gloo”

os.environ[‘GLOO_SOCKET_IFNAME’] = “ens192”

os.environ[‘TP_SOCKET_IFNAME’] = “ens192”

os.environ[‘GLOO_SOCKET_TCP_PORT’] = “20000”

it works normally and i can get the result what i what

but when i started my firewall service

it reported an error message like below

looks like a random port was generated and connection was refused

how can i choose a certain port instead a random one so i can allow it in my firewall iptables

i have tried share file-system initialization instead of TCP initialization hoped it will use a certaion port to do the communication work

os.environ[‘WORLD_SIZE’] = “2”
os.environ[‘RANK’] = “1”
os.environ[‘RENDEZVOUS’] = "file:///opt/share_with/party_share_12345

but the error was still there

i wanna ask if i can choose a certain port when i use gloo backend
or if mpi backend has this problem also
nccl is out of my consideration because i have not GPU in my server

it will be very apprecaite if you can offer any help or message.