Best way to import Caffe2 Modell to Pytorch


is there a good way to import a pre-trained Caffe2 model into Pytorch?

My research only gives me articles that are very old.

Many thanks and best regards

How old are these publications and are you sure these model are implemented in Caffe2, not Caffe?

The models were created in 2018.

They was not trained by myselve, but my client made sure that they were trained in Caffe2.

OK, thanks for the information.
I’m not sure, if there is an automatic way of transforming a C2 model to PyTorch, so I would assume you would have to rewrite the model in PyTorch and load the C2 parameters by creating a state_dict and mapping the names to the expected ones in PyTorch.

Okay, great.
Big thanks for your help!