Bitbake recipe for libtorch

Hi all,

We are trying to include libtorch to our Yocto-based distribution. Unfortunately, compiling from source has been a hurdle. Specifically, the build system does not really play well with this CMake - Python combo. :slightly_frowning_face:

Any chance there’s a pytorch or libtorch available by the community already?


I’m not sure, what Yocto is and if it helps, but you can download libtorch (with different CUDA libs) from the website without building it from source.

Thanks for your response. Yeah, this is the way I am going for at the moment but it’d be cool to have it being built from source. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand the issue.
Would you like to build from source yourself and find the build process too tedious?

Based on this:

I thought you are looking for a pre-built package.

My apologies, I took too much domain-specific (embedded Linux) knowledge for granted. Let me rephrase:
I am looking for a pytorch/libtorch bitbake recipe which would compile libtorch from source and allow me to include it in our (embedded Linux) distribution.

Additionally, such a recipe would allow libtorch to be available across all platforms/hardware and architectures supported by the Yocto build system, thus facilitating the deployment of, pytorch, edge computing applications.


Looking for something similar

I eventually resorted in compiling libtorch myself and using it as a pre-built shared library.
Of course I was lucky that our platform was an x86. I wouldn’t want to think what would happen were we using an ARM or something instead. :sweat:

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