Broadcasting issues

Hi all,
attention_logits is of size torch.Size([16, 12, 260, 260])

attention_mask is of size torch.Size([16, 260])

i want to perform attention_logits = attention_logits.masked_fill(attention_mask == 0, -1e7)
but it throws RuntimeError: The size of tensor a (16) must match the size of tensor b (260) at non-singleton dimension 2 because of broadcasting issues.

what’s the best way to perform this masked_fill on the rows of the attention_logits tensor?

you can add singleton dimensions using None in attention_mask
attention_logits = attention_logits.masked_fill(attention_mask[:,None,:,None],-1e7)

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thanks for the fast solution!
it works for me with
attention_logits = attention_logits.masked_fill(attention_mask[:,None,None, :],-1e7)