BUG occurs when loading model trained by higher version of pytorch

I’m using pytorch=1.3.1 to load model saved by pytorch=1.7.1 and received the following error:

RuntimeError: version_number <= kMaxSupportedFileFormatVersion INTERNAL ASSERT FAILED at /pytorch/caffe2/serialize/inline_container.cc:131, please report a bug to PyTorch. Attempted to read a PyTorch file with version 3, but the maximum supported version for reading is 1. Your PyTorch installation may be too old. (init at /pytorch/caffe2/serialize/inline_container.cc:131)

Is there any way to load higher version model? Thanks for your help.

PyTorch doesn’t support forward compatibility (loading data from a newer into an older release), but backwards compatibility, so you would need to update PyTorch or save the model in 1.3.1.