Build from source and make whl on Linux

I want to make whl file on Linux and then install the created whl on Windows because I have problem during building pytorch on Windows.
Is there any way to build from source and make whl for Windows on Linux?

What problems have you met when you try to create whl on Windows? As far as I know, you could not cross compile for Windows because MSVC is not available on Linux.

Thank you for your answer. So there is no way to do cross compile, right?

I have met many errors while I try to build pytorch on Windows10.

Following this project:
I want to change OS from Linux to Windows10. But this project uses a branch of pytorch which is ed02619.
To build the specific pytorch branch (ed02619) of a project, I followed this video:
However, it was failed.

There is the log below:

I didn’t get why do you need to compile PyTorch from source. We have 1.0 binaries on

Yes but the project that I’m using uses a different branch of pytorch.
I think the writer of the project modified pytorch in order to use multi-gpu. And he also used pytorch-encoding for multi-gpu (

Therefore, if I want to use the original pytorch, maybe I need to modify entire source code.

Which branch of pytorch are you using?

It’s ed02619

You can follow this:

I checked. is even with master. So you may just use the nightly package.

I see. I will try other ways. Thank you anyway.