Building from source: which source version and dependencies?


I’m trying to build pytorch starting from the git repo. python --version shows
0.4.0a0+1569797. I’ve successfully compiled using CUDA 8.0, CUDnn 6.0, and MKL 2017. However, this configuration apparently doesn’t have full LAPACK support, as a simple svd test informs me that I need MAGMA. I compiled MAGMA 2.3.0 and linked against that, but ran into memory errors when I tried to run the CUDA tests.

The latest conda version reports torch.version.version = 0.3.0.post4, and AFAICT doesn’t use MAGMA (or does it??) so I tried checking out the tagged 0.3.0 version and compiling without MAGMA. That compilation failed due to a C++11 issue (couldn’t initialized std::vector<double*> from initializer_list).

I’m happy to provide further details about the errors I’m seeing, but what would be really helpful would be a set of dependencies, compiler versions, etc. which are known to work on some recent linux distro, or at least pass most of the provided tests.

Thanks in advance!