Building libtorch from source copies the headers from some libraries to the unexpected location

I build the libtorch from the source of 1.1.0 with turning off the USE_DISTRIBUTED=OFF and executing the following command.

cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/noname/test/
make -j 12
make install

it has been succeeded… However, I found the “torch” directory in the “home”(not home/test) after install.
In the “torch” directory, there are the headers:


└── csrc
└── jit
├── script
│ ├── error_report.h
│ ├── function_schema_parser.h
│ ├── lexer.h
│ ├── parse_string_literal.h
│ ├── schema_type_parser.h
│ ├── strtod.h
│ └── tree.h
├── source_location.h
└── source_range.h

This headers comes from the line 421 in the CMakeList.txt here.
I know that the current design only assumes that the library is installed into the “pytorch/torch” directory.
However, is there any plans to install a particular directory where the user want without those files?