Building pytorch/vision on Windows

I’m currently trying to build pytorch/visions on windows. I’ve given libtorch to cmake with the parameter
Then using this command cmake --build . --target install --config release
I’m having the following warning and error.

D:/libs/vision/torchvision/csrc/ops/cuda/ fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ATen/cuda/Atomic.cuh': No such file or directory [D:\libs\vision\build\torchvision.vcxproj]
CUDACOMPILE : nvcc warning : The -std=c++14 flag is not supported with the configured host compiler. Flag will be ignored. [D:\libs\vision\build\torchvision.vcxproj]

What am I missing ? Indeed I can’t find the file 'ATen/cuda/Atomic.cuh' in the libtorch archive that I’ve downloaded.

My generator is “Visual Studio 2019”
I’m using

Thanks for your help