Building torchaudio on ppc64le

I am trying to build the torchaudio extension on my university’s HPC, which provides PowerPC computing nodes for machine learning applications. So I have to build from source since no wheels for ppc64le are available, AFAIK.

I am also limited to PyTorch 1.6.0, because there is an optimized module available on the HPC and I would like to use it. I therefore am trying to build torchaudio v0.6.0 (according to the compatibility table in the torchaudio repo).

Here is the command I am running:

CC=gcc CXX=g++ BUILD_SOX=1 python install --user

When I do so, I first get an error about the third-party libs MAD and LAME and their config.guess, which cannot guess my platform. I was able to get around that by overwriting the respective config.guess files using an updated version taken from here.

After that, everything seems to build just fine, but when I import torchaudio, I get the warning:

UserWarning: torchaudio C++ extension is not available.

Can anyone tell me what this means exactly and how I can make the C++ extension available?

The error message is raised, if the backend cannot be found as described here. Did the log indicate that SOX will be installed after you’ve fixed the config or was it showing any warnings/errors?

I did not notice anything. Are the logs saved anywhere?

By the way, the warning has disappeared as of today. Since it is an HPC, I have no idea what changed, though. Maybe they installed the required libraries out of sheer coincidence.