[C++] missing:TORCH_LIBRARY on initial setup

Hey guys, I’m trying to get my first PyTorch project up and running on C++. I’ve used the python platform in the past but I would like to program something in a language I’m more comfortable with, so I’m checking out libtorch for C++. I have gotten to the point in the installation where I use the cmake command to generate the build files. However, my command prompt says that configuring is incomplete, errors occurred! the error it points out is – Could NOT find torch (missing: TORCH_LIBRARY). It sounds like its an error with where my DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH is pointing, but I am pointing directly to the unzipped libtorch folder. I am on Windows 10 Pro, if that helps any. If needed, I can attach log files, etc. Thanks for the help!

Edit: upon further inspection, pthread.h is also unable to be found. If that is of any help

I also tried installing the debug version with CUDA, and that one gives me an error with being unable to find the cuDNN (missing: CUDNN_LIBRARY_PATH CUDNN_INCLUDE_PATH)

have you maybe missed to copy the relevant dll’s?
This is needed on windows.
Following the examples, I include those lines at the bottom of the CMakeLists.txt

if (MSVC)
  add_custom_command(TARGET deepsmlm_interface
                     COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E copy_if_different
endif (MSVC)