C++, Share a model between multiple threads and protect weights update

With the c++ api, how to share a model between multiple thread
and protect an update of the weight in a critical close?

The snippet below shows the situation, but I need help to make it work.
In the tests of pytorch, I can see some idiom like

auto module = std::make_shared<TestModule>();

Bu I don’t see how to adapt them.

# include <torch/torch.h>
# include <omp.h>

using namespace torch;
using namespace torch::nn;
using namespace torch::optim;

struct Net : Module 
  Linear fc1 = nullptr;
  Linear fc2 = nullptr;

    fc1 = register_module("fc1", Linear(10, 10));
    fc2 = register_module("fc2", Linear(10, 2);

  Tensor forward(Tensor x) 
    x = fc1->forward(x);
    x = relu(x);
    x = fc2->forward(x);
    x = sigmoid(x);
    return x;

int main() 
  Net nn0;
  SGD opt(nn0.parameters(), SGDOptions(0.1).momentum(0.9));

  #pragma omp parallel
    Net& nn = nn0;


    auto x = rand({10});
    auto y = nn.forward(x);
    auto target = rand({10});
    auto loss = mse_loss(y, target);


    #pragma omp critical
      opt.step(); // like this?


The code between opt.zero_grad() and opt.step() is executed several times by each thread in my true code.


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