"Calls" Accumulation method in torch.utils.bottleneck

I am looking the output of torch.utils.bottleneck.
Is there any method to counting the “Calls” for same autograd functions?
Current output seems all “1” for Calls (this output example is for MNIST with epochs=3)

  autograd profiler output (CUDA mode)
        top 15 events sorted by cpu_time_total

        Because the autograd profiler uses the CUDA event API,
        the CUDA time column reports approximately max(cuda_time, cpu_time).
        Please ignore this output if your code does not use CUDA.

-----------------------------------  ---------------  ---------------  ---------------  ---------------  ---------------
Name                                        CPU time        CUDA time            Calls        CPU total       CUDA total
-----------------------------------  ---------------  ---------------  ---------------  ---------------  ---------------
sub_                                     10168.735us         78.125us                1      10168.735us         78.125us
addmm                                     8117.659us       8125.000us                1       8117.659us       8125.000us
th_addmm                                  8083.499us       8097.656us                1       8083.499us       8097.656us
ThAddmmBackward                           6873.064us       6877.930us                1       6873.064us       6877.930us
mm                                        6760.498us       6802.734us                1       6760.498us       6802.734us
FeatureDropoutBackward                    6435.348us       6300.781us                1       6435.348us       6300.781us
mul                                       6396.920us       6292.969us                1       6396.920us       6292.969us
div                                       6165.179us         33.081us                1       6165.179us         33.081us
torch::autograd::AccumulateGrad           6107.851us       6109.375us                1       6107.851us       6109.375us
FeatureDropout                            6043.199us       5953.125us                1       6043.199us       5953.125us
add_                                      5922.450us       5832.031us                1       5922.450us       5832.031us
_th_get_device                            5869.107us       5820.312us                1       5869.107us       5820.312us
tensor                                    5837.294us       5808.594us                1       5837.294us       5808.594us
add_                                      5741.874us       5769.531us                1       5741.874us       5769.531us
th_add_                                   5716.754us       5757.812us                1       5716.754us       5757.812us