Can load state_dict from nn.DataParallel in local but not in EC2

Hi community,

I trained my model on Azure in the past with nn.DataParallel and I have been able in my local to load it in plain mode by removing the module. prefix in the keys of the state_dict using the following code.
This same code is raising errors in a t2.micro with the Deep Learning Amazon AMI (errors shown as comments in the code)

# Code to load a trained model from a certain epoch saved as model-epoch.pkl
from collections import OrderedDict

def get_epoch(pth):
    pth = pth.split('/')[-1] # remove all the path
    print('Loading dict: ', pth)
    pth = pth[:-4] # remove .pkl
    epoch = pth.split('-')[1] # get just the epoch
    print('Epoch to restart training: ', epoch)
    return epoch

# Output from AWS: 
# Loading dict:  ResNet20_2-149.pkl
# Epoch to restart training:  149

def load_weights(path, verbose=0):
    global device
    state_dict = torch.load(path, map_location=device)
    if verbose == 1: print('Current dict: ', state_dict.keys())
    new_state_dict = OrderedDict()
    for k,v in state_dict.items():
        name = k[7:] # remove module.
        new_state_dict[name] = v
    if verbose == 1: print('New dict: ', new_state_dict.keys())
    return new_state_dict

# Output from AWS: (same as in my Local!)
# Current dict:  odict_keys(['module.conv.weight', '', ....
# New dict:  odict_keys(['conv.weight', 'bn.weight', ...

print('Loading trained model... ')
# Load saved models
e_epoch = get_epoch(pth)
assert os.path.exists(pth), 'Model to load not found'
ps = glob.glob(os.path.join(pth, '*.pkl'))

print('Getting ready Model : ', singleModel)
# Output from AWS (same as my local):  
Loading trained models...
Getting ready Single Model :  ResNet(
  (conv): Conv2d(3, 16, kernel_size=(3, 3), stride=(1, 1), padding=(1, 1), bias=False)
  (bn): BatchNorm ...
s_epoch = int(get_epoch(ps[0]))
singleModel.load_state_dict(load_weights(ps[0], verbose=1))
print('[OK] Single model loaded on epoch ', s_epoch)

What can be happening that I am able to load the dictionary with no errors on my local but in AWS it returns:

RuntimeError: Error(s) in loading state_dict for ResNet:
	Missing key(s) in state_dict: "layer1.3.conv1.weight", "layer1.3.conv2.weight", "layer1.3.bn1.weight", "layer1.3.bn1.bias", "layer1.3.bn1.running_mean", "layer1.3.bn1.running_var", "layer1.3.bn2.weight", "layer1.3.bn2.bias", "layer1.3.bn2.running_mean ... 

Thank you in advance!