Can not load model

Hello every one!

I use pytorch for GCN-slam ( I have a problem when I try to load model by torch::jit::load(). I constantly get this error: “type_ != nullptr INTERNAL ASSERT FAILED at C:\w\1\s\tmp_conda_3.6_171155\conda\conda-bld\pytorch_1570813991702\work\torch/csrc/jit/ir.h:165, please report a bug to PyTorch. (type at C:\w\1\s\tmp_conda_3.6_171155\conda\conda-bld\pytorch_1570813991702\work\torch/csrc/jit/ir.h:165)
(no backtrace available)”. I use win10, torch 1.3.0a0+b728ffa, cuda v10.1, Visual Studio 2017.

I will appreciate if someone can help me.

This seems like a bug, could you repost this as an issue on GitHub? That will let us track this better.

Also could you upload the .pt file you are loading to your repo so we can try to repro this issue directly?

Thanks! I create issue #28276 ( You can download models from (any *.pt model). I can also check any working model for this bug if you share it with me.

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