Can not use class method or member variables in `@torch.jit.script` decorated method

I am working on a custom model MY_MODEL_CLASS (inhereting from Pytorch nn.module).

I can convert the model to TorchScript via:

torchscript_model = torch.jit.trace(torch_model, input)

However, there is some control flow that needs to be handled, so I want to use a @torch.jit.script decorator for a method MY_SCRIPT_DECORATED_CLASS_METHOD of this model. In this method, another class method USED_IN_SCRIPTED_CLASS_METHOD of MY_MODEL_CLASS is called.

When I now try to convert the model with tracing plus the decorator, I get the following error:

‘Tensor (inferred)’ object has no attribute or method ‘USED_IN_SCRIPTED_CLASS_METHOD’.:

I see that the same thing happens for member variables of the model that are used in this scripted function. I am a bit lost in this case what causes this.
I am also not sure what 'Tensor (inferred)' refers to, since I was expecting this to rather see the name MY_MODEL_CLASS here.

Do you now what causes this?
How could I debug this?

The use of your method is just not supported in the scripting case. You will have to use the tracing functionality.