Can pytorch1.0.0 in win10 with cuda9.0 use tensorboard?

Now I am using pytorch1.0 in win10 with cuda9.0. I’d like to use tensorboard to visualize the training progress and check the network structure.

However, I find pytorch1.3 have the official support for tensorboard.
But pytorch1.3 need cuda9.2.

What should I do?

If you have the driver version >= 398.26, then you could install pytorch 1.3. cuda 9.2 here doesn’t refer to the cuda version at the user side, but it means the version of cuda used during build.

God, I use search tool in win10, and I find the nvidia-smi!
Here the driver version is 432, I’ll try to install pytorch1.3 in my PC.

Thanks a lot

It works.
I install pytorch1.3.1 with cuda10 and cudnn7.5 in the GTX1080
And we need to install the tensorboard with version higher 1.14.0