Can’t authorize with the discoursehub app on iOS

Should I do something to enable it?


Your issue is related to this discourse setting.
This restriction is for new users with trust level 0, if I’m not mistaken.
Since you are already in trust level 1, it should work now.
Please let us know, if you encounter any issues.

Thank you, but the problem still exists on my iPhone.

As it is shown in the attached image, the connect button is still there, if I click it, it tells me there’s an auth error, like the image in my first post.

However, on the auth error page, if I click the pytorch icon on the top-left, I will be redirected to the forum correctly, with my account logged in.

So I could visit the forum by giving an extra click on the error page, only couldn’t receive notifications via the discourse hub app.

It will be great if we know the reason :smiley:

Could you just restart the app, as maybe your old trust level and the restriction might be somehow cached and only updated, if you manually try to be redirected?

I tried these methods:

  • restarting the app
  • restarting the phone
  • deleting then re-adding the site
  • reinstalling the DiscourseHub app

Neither of them works.

Maybe it is a bug of Discourse or DiscourseHub. Never mind, I can overcome the extra click :slight_smile: