Can we start an RL repo under pytorch organization github profile?

It would include components and abstractions (and maybe recent models) commonly used in RL (similar to the pytorch/text and pytorch/vision repo).

We could start by forking ChainerRL repo:


There was a proof-of-concept RL repo under pytorch during alpha phase, but it wasn’t ready before the release.
@Soumith_Chintala Any updates on this?

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@fmassa @Soumith_Chintala @jekbradbury
ChainerRL (muupan is its maintainer) says they want to support pytorch as a backend and are asking for suggestions on how to do so:

ChainerRL has a lot of the most recent RL architectures/components/abstractions implemented, so having it support pytorch would be very useful.


RL unlike say vision or text is not easy to get API design right.
There are several competing RL packages for pytorch, but neither is generic enough to be a core package – this is why we removed the official RL package before release.