Can you select a specific output from a layer with mutiple out nodes?

I’m curious to know the best method for creating a “branch” from a linear layer.

For example… If I have:

root_node = torch.nn.Linear( 1, 2)

the node takes 1 input and produces 2 outputs. Can I access each of those outputs independently to create a branch like structure? Something like:

branch_1 = torch.nn.Linear( 1, 2)
branch_2 = torch.nn.Linear( 1, 2)

X = root_node( input_data)
b1 = branch_1( X[0].view(-1,1))
b2 = branch_2( X[1].view(-1,1))

or something to that effect?

This doesn’t result in an error, but I’m not sure if I’d be thoroughly messing up something with the gradient.

Yes, indexing is tracked by Autograd and you can pass the indexed slices to other modules.

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