Can't recognize my MNIST file directly downloaded from Lecun's website

Hi, I can’t download MNIST.
Thus, I try to directly download these four files and save them under /raw folder. However, they can’t be recognized.

Can anyone help me? Thx.:pray:

What do you mean by “they can’t be recognized?”

Did the files download correctly?

Thanks for your answer, Richard. I think these files were downloaded correctly. I download them again and the result is the same.
In CIFAR10 tutorial, I download dataset and run code, then pytorch will tell me it can find the dataset.
But this time, it keeps showing the error of “connection refused”.
And if I change the “download” to False, it will show: “not found”.


This time:

Thanks again. Now I can only let it go :thinking:.

Hmm if the files are there, you should try extracting them in a similar fashion to how CIFAR10 was extracted and hope that works out. It’s strange that you’re timing out on a request to that URL, though…