Cant reproduce QAT precision

I follow the tutorial of tutorials/static_quantization_tutorial.rst at master · pytorch/tutorials · GitHub
MobileNet-V2 baseline and PTQ work as expected but QAT top1 is only 67.88 after 8 epoch.
log here Unknown server log [#TRHsVfl] -


The tutorial shows an easy to run example, where you are using only a few batches of data for training (num_train_batches = 20). Also, the result of 71.5% is after training over 30 epochs on the full training dataset. If you are training on the full imagenet dataset, your results look ok. A full script to reproduce the training numbers is available at: vision/ at master · pytorch/vision · GitHub

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@raghuramank100 Thanks for your kindly reply. Your answer is right. I am reproducing the accuracy as your suggested and result looks good.

  1. Bug 30125 and comments provide some useful info. Believe it or not, QAT of static_quantization_tutorial.rst is NOT a good guide because it cant reproduce 71.5%.

  2. I find some differences between static_quantization_tutorial.rst and which seems to cause different accuracy. Actually, hyperparameter and training tricks make sense, right?

  3. BTW, when and why to insert hyperparameter/freeze-operation/disable-operation is not easy during training. Any QAT trick or routine for other networks instead of mobilenet-v2, such as more classification or detection or segmentation? That is much helpful.