Can't utilize RocM


I am trying to install pytorch on my PC in Ubuntu 22.04 enviroment but when I ask from pytorch to execute some simple tests it returns errors as segmentation faults - core dumped.

I’ve tried the docker method ( Machine learning on an AMD 6900xt using ROCM and a docker container - YouTube ) but I tried install pytroch from the official website too. Both were successfull.

CUDA is visible from the system and the GPU has been tested in 2 different PCs with a variety of pc parts. Tried both AMD and Intel PCs as well as DDR4 and DDR5 systems.

Pytorch also sees my GPU as CUDA and the RAM of the system in each test was always more than 16GB , the swap has been tested from 4 up to 32 GB.

The GPU I use is RX 6700xt which has also been tested using a variety of tests (eventhough it’s brand new) as well as gaming for many hours.