Check status of the submission of new topic

Hi all,

I have submitted a new topic several hours ago, which still hasn’t appeared on the forum. I am confused if it has already been rejected or is still under review. Is there any way that I can track the status of my submission? I spent some time editing the topic, and don’t want to do it again


new users have to get their first topic approved.
Sorry it took a few hours to approve your topic today.
We have started doing this to control the spam that we were seeing on the forum.

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Hi @smth,

Thanks for your reply. I just posted a reply today, but it seems like I still needs approval before post anything. Is it a requirement for every user?


But recently there have been some messages that I flagged as spam. The topic’s name and description is in some asian language and its occurring very frequently, I saw it yesterday and also 2 days back as well.
Is it a system process or was it approved by mistake?

we’ve removed moderation, and hence the spam started coming back. I’ve put a spam filter in place for korean characters. Thanks for flagging @pvskand!