Checkpoint file manipulation

Hi there,

Hope everyone is doing alright.
So I have a ckpt file ( checkpoint file) containing these informations:

              tensor([[[[ 1.2614e-01,  1.1951e-01,  1.6265e-01],
                        [ 2.1022e-01,  3.4994e-01,  5.9035e-01],
                        [ 1.3048e-01,  3.1809e-01,  4.4730e-01]],
                       [[-2.4336e-01, -1.3665e-01, -1.4839e-01],
                        [-1.2742e-01, -1.7422e-01, -6.1454e-02],
                        [-2.0389e-01, -1.4220e-01, -1.5854e-01]],
                       [[-5.5171e-02, -1.1455e-02, -3.8867e-02],
                        [ 1.5383e-02,  2.0011e-02,  1.7529e-01],
                        [-4.2312e-02, -9.9361e-03,  3.7781e-02]],

I would like to know:

  1. From what I have understand, checkpoints contain the model weights (I am using a pre-trained model)?
    But my model contains more layers than the ones found in the checkpoint file.
  2. How do I manipulate this weights found in the checkpoint file?