Checkpoints loading error into ResNet50 model

Hi, I am loading trained checkpoints on person reid dataset like Market1501. I am using this repository for reid which is top on the leader board in reid. I am running inference on image folder when I run the inference command from here, it gives me the following error.

File "/home/facit/Faizan/reid/ctl/centroids-reid/modelling/backbones/", line 157, in load_param
KeyError: 'center_loss.centers'

I think there is no key named center_loss.centers in state_dict, I am not sure how to solve this issue. How you please give some insight on it. Complete checkpoints loading code is given below for more information:

def load_param(self, model_path):
        param_dict = torch.load(model_path)
        if 'state_dict' in param_dict:
            param_dict = param_dict['state_dict']
        for i in param_dict:
            if 'backbone' in i:
                new_param_name = i[14:]
            elif 'base' in i:
                new_param_name = i[5:]
                new_param_name = i
            if 'fc' in i:
            if 'bottleneck' in i:
            if 'classifier' in i:
            if 'transformer' in i:
            # print(type(self.state_dict()))
            # print('\n')
            # print(f'keys of state dict: {(self.state_dict().keys())}')

here is the resnet model file.