Chose best segmentation model based on dice or cross entropy loss?

Hello everyone,
I am working on a multiclass segmentation problem using a Unet based approach. As loss function I use cross entropy, but for validation purposes dice and IoU are calculated too. Currently, the weights are stored (and overwritten) after each epoch. Therefore, I end up with the weights of the last epoch, which are not necessarily the best. Now I want to implement that the best model is saved.

My question now is, on what value should the decision for the best model be based? The loss, which is used to train the model, or the dice which is the metric I want to maximize. Is there a universal answer to this, or does it differ from problem to problem?

I’m not sure if there is a universal answer to this, but usually you would use the lowest validation loss or the best validation metric (dice score in your case).
These two values are often correlated, but you might also see e.g. a decreasing loss while the accuracy doesn’t change much, which could be the case if the model increases it’s predictions for already correctly classified samples.

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