ColorJitter has strange initial parameters

According to docs:
ColorJitter(brightness=0, contrast=0, saturation=0, hue=0)
For example, what are written in docs about brightness:
brightness (float) – How much to jitter brightness. brightness_factor is chosen uniformly from [max(0, 1 - brightness), 1 + brightness].
So, when brightness = 0 we get [1, 1]. It’s really strange, isn’t it?
Maybe set up brightness = 1 by default?

Also, how to choose these parameters for my certain task?

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The default value doesn’t perform any brightness augmentation so it seems to be a reasonable value in my opinion.

You could have a look at your data and try to estimate how much the brightness differ in all images. Based on this estimate you can chose the amount of augmentation.

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Hm, then these parameters should be without initial values. Otherwise, I wait some augmentation. Because when I use RandomGrayscale I can not even think about parameters, just get augmentation.