Combine two pertained models with a layer to adjust tensor size

I am currently working on concatenate two pretrained models (BigGAN128 + Resnet18) together. The idea of how to concatenate them is shown in the drawing. The problem is that the output of BigGAN is a tensor of size[1,3,128,128], while resnet only takes input of size [1,3,224,224]. I’ve searched online and found that I can resize the tensor by using nn.function.interpolate(). My question is how can I add this as a layer in my customized model, or there would be other way than interpolate to do the resize work in torch.nn?
Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

what I’ve done:

import torchvision.models as models
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
import logging
from pytorch_pretrained_biggan import (BigGAN, one_hot_from_names, truncated_noise_sample,
save_as_images, display_in_terminal)

resnet = models.resnet18(pretrained=True)
#load the generator of pretrained biggan128
#Load pre-trained model tokenizer (vocabulary)
GAN_model = BigGAN.from_pretrained(‘biggan-deep-128’)

You can use interpolate but because it is a pytorch functional function you cannot put it into a sequential model. Instead you could use nn.upsample which will do a similar thing. You can do something like this

final_model=nn.Sequential(GAN_model, nn.Upsample(size=(224,224)), resnet)

Thanks Dwight, your answer truly helped me!!!. Wish you the best!