Combining two feature Vectors

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a way to combine two feature vectors of same size and in result get the same size.

Size of Feature Map1 = ( 256, 32, 32)
Size of Feature Map2 = ( 256, 32, 32)

In the excisting model the authors are concatenating them and hence getting the result = ( 512, 32, 32)

I want the result in size (256, 32, 32).
But the conditions are, I can not divide them by 2 , or do Dot or Cross multiplication.

Can you please help me suggest any other possible ideas?

You could just sum these tensors together if other elementwise operations are disallowed.

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Thankyou @ptrblck for your quick reply.
I have been asked to some other way besides these operations ( like adding them, dividing them, multiplying them). That’s why i am little confused if there is any other possible way ?