Complex valued tensors

Is there any way we could have complex-valued tensors in PyTorch… similar to dtype.complex in tensorflow…
If nit is there anyway I could implement it?


Actually the work is in progress but there are some work arounds by third party libraries as you can find in this post:


Will check this out, thanks a lot.


We are actually adding this right now.
Complex dtypes already exist (complex64 and complex128). Basic ops are working fine.
We have first draft of the autograd support with a limited set of functions right now.
Note that this will be in the upcoming 1.6 release.

Was there some specific features you were looking for?

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Thank you for replying @albanD
Are they avaliable in the nightly builds ?
I was just looking to implement the paper deep complex networks, nothing specific though…
from there I thought would be cool to have complex backprop, gradients, optim etc etc…

Yes everything that will be in 1.6 is already in the nightly build.