Compute the row-wise distance of two matrix

Suppose I have a matrix x of size m x p, and another matrix y of size m x p, how to compute the pdist2(in matlab) of
the two matrices, which gives me a matrix ``` m x m `` , each element d_ij = dist(x_i, y_j), where x_i and y_j is the coresponding row vecor. can any one give some elegant solution?

mp1 = torch.rand(m,p)
mp2 = torch.rand(m,p)
mmp1 = torch.stack([mp1]*m)
mmp2 = torch.stack([mp2]*m).transpose(0,1)
mm = torch.sum((mmp1-mmp2)**2,2).squeeze()

Then mm is the m*m matrix you want, with mm_ij = d(mp1_i, mp2_j)


Very elegant solution. Thank you very much.

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