Computer Vision Project.Send me help for my FYP

Hi PyTorch community, I am recently planninf for my FYP and facing some hurdle, hoping the community will give me some answer. I am planning to build a system and consist a feature to calculate larvae in water. I want to use cv algorithm to get the number of larvae, and the larvae will be small black dots. Will it be a good idea to use cv since the larvae is so small or rather do it manually using microscope? Moreover, I will also need the larvae dataset for the model training which I can’t found it.
I hope there are people out there that can help me, thank you so much!

You didn’t mention anything about the resolution of images. If the water sample is untreated then there will be other organisms apart from larvae and if the resolution is too small then all the organisms/particles might not be differentiable.

lets assume the water is still, the water only have all black dot (other particles) treat as the larvae, and using a high solution camera.

Assuming the camera is powerful enough to capture the differentiating features of the larvae and other particles, I think you will end up using image segmentation (i.e. drawing boxes or creating segmentation masks) to identify larvae. If you are not already familiar with image segmentation please do some background research in that area. It is widely used in CV.

Sure! Thank you so much! I believe this will be helpful!