Conan Build for Libtorch

Hello all,
I have been working on a Conan recipe for libtorch. I am almost there, but keep running into an issue with this error:

( "You found a build system error: AVX512F, AVX512DQ, AVX512VL " "is defined (via e.g. -mavx512f, -mavx512dq, and -mavx512vl) " “but CAFFE2_PERF_WITH_AVX512 is not defined.”)

The weird thing is that I can build libtorch from the command line using CMake, so there’s got to be something related to how things are working within the Conan apparatus. I’ve looked long and hard, but haven’t found what could be wrong, so decided to ask here.

The Conan recipe can be found here:

I am attempting to build V.1.3.1 on an Ubuntu 19.10 machine with Cuda turned off. I’d eventually like to get Cuda working as well, but first things first.

Any help would be appreciated!

Kind regards,

Here’s a quick update. I’ve fixed the problem, and have a working installation of Libtorch under Conan. Please feel free to help yourselves to the Conan recipe if you need it!


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