Concatenate two patches

this code does not work !! :pensive: :pensive:

 patches_image1 = image.extract_patches_2d(image1['taille'], ((10,10)))
 patches_image2 = image.extract_patches_2d(image2['taille'], ((10,10)))
 patchesconcatenate =, patches_image2),1)
TypeError: expected Tensor as element 0 in argument 0, but got numpy.ndarray

help me plzz function expects torch.tensor as input, not np.ndarray.

You need to cast patches_image1 and patches_image2 to torch.tensor.

The following way will work: torch.tensor(patches_image1) and torch.tensor(patches_image1).

thanks fs4ss1 but I have another problem

train_x, val_x, train_y, val_y = train_test_split(train_x, train_y, test_size=0.3)
train_x = train_x.reshape(train_x.shape[0], 1, train_x.shape[1], train_x.shape[2])
train_x = torch.from_numpy(train_x)
TypeError: expected np.ndarray (got Tensor)

help me please