Converting from .pth to .onnx failed on 3d-input. Support 3d-conv?

Below picture is the result of a transformation from pth to onnx who are shown in Neutron:

Left is pth’s architecture and right is onnx’s architecture. You noticed that the first layer size of left input is different from the right. In my exprienment, as for the onnx model, the input data flowing from the bottom layer(32x1x3x3x3) which is opppsite from the correct situation (flowing from (320x640x3x3x3)).
My origin network of .pth includes conv3d and the input data is 5-dim. Can the onnx be converted to onnx on conv3d?

Are you sure the right image shows the graph from top to bottom?
If so, how would e.g. the module with weight (320x320x3x3x3) be connected to weight (256x512x3x3x3), which should yield a shape mismatch error?