CORe50 Dataset in Pytorch?

Hey ,

can anyone help me in how to load CORe50 dataset in pytorch?

I did saw a pull request for it but I think it’s not approved yet?

Thank you in Advance.


You can try to use the classes defined in the PR for the dataset and see if it works.

The below link takes you to that exact file:

If you don’t understand what they are doing I suggest you go through the data loading and processing tutorial

Thank you for your response,

I used that link which I posted and got it done before after a lot of changes but the PR is long back in 2017 and dataset has changed a lot of times.

So, I am looking for any inbuilt way to do it so in that way I want to avoid the code changes from my end everytime

Thank you I did implemented successfully the required experiments for me in pytorch.


Hi Jaya, you can use also the framework agnostic data loader that we have here:

it supports all the main CORe50 protocols!

It is now fully supported in Avalanche.