Correct way to subsample from autograd.Variable

I have a model that stacks multiple BiLSTM layers over each other, where the output of one layer is given as input to the next. I want to perform a subsampling between 2 successive layers.

Currently, I am doing something like this:

output0, hidden_t = rnn0(input0, hidden)
input1 = output0[::2] 
#output0 is of size (sequence_length, batch_size, hidden_dim)
#input1 is of size (sequence_length/2, batch_size, hidden_dim)
output1, hidden_t = rnn0(input1, hidden)
input2 = output1[::2]

Since output0, output1 etc are Variables, I am unsure if simply subsampling using ::2 is ok to do. If this is an incorrect approach, what would be the correct way of doing this kind of sampling? Is there a convolution layer I can use to obtain this result?

Typically in CNNs max pooling and average pooling are used for subsampling.

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