Cross validation using skorch

I want to make cross validation ofr my dataset so I chose the skorch lib but it require to pass the X and Y explicitly but My train_data is Dataloader that returns image, caption, caption_lengths, video_length and I pass them to the model but how can I do this in skorch
I get this error when I pass only the data_loader
ValueError: Stratified CV requires explicitely passing a suitable y.
any Idea what should I do!

I’ve only just recently started familiarizing myself with Skorch, but it seems that calls to fit or equivalent require passing y explicitly. Skorch allows passing PyTorch Dataset-classes directly but in turn requires the user to pass y=None in conjunction with the Dataset. Please see Skorch’s documentation for how they handle parameters passed to fit method.

IMHO you should maybe refrain from passing a DataLoader and instead let Skorch’s NeuralNet take care of wrapping the Dataset to a DataLoader. See their quick tutorial here.


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thank for your reply I also got this answer and it works